On this page, we have tried to keep most common questions asked about our templates and this site. However, we may have left some of the questions undiscussed, please contact if you have a questions that are not answered here

What is authorship policy ?

Our authorship is just a simple medium between authors and this site to help them get to their content.

If content on mobifreaks is yours without a back link to author then, please report us so that we can place a back link to the copyright holder’s or just report us to remove the content belong to you. We love to help author and we honor their requests. And one more thing we don’t recommend links on images, we just provide a textual back link.

Are your templates really free?

All of our templates are free to use for both commercial and non-commercial usage, but you have provide a back link to www.mobifreaks.com or just don’t edit the footer where we have the placed “design by www.mobifreaks.com

What is the licence provided along with templates and freebies by mobifreaks?

Most of the design created by us are released under Creative Commons Attribution unported license that means they are free to use. just don’t forget to provide backlink to our site ie., www.mobifreaks.com else Donate Us