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WixMobile: free mobile website template builder

Building mobile website templates was never so easy before the launch of WixMobile. Yes, you’re right this product is from Wix.com where we used to build website templates for free. Now, we can also build mobile templates.

People who are familiar with Wix knows how simple it is. Creating mobile website templates takes just 3 to 4 minutes using WixMobile.

It comes with just three easy steps

  1. Choosing a template.
  2. Customize template.
  3. Publish – it’s all done.

I felt like counting one two three and it’s done.

People may think what would be the minimum knowledge to build a mobile template using WixMobile. I will say nothing.

Few reasons why we should use WixMobile for mobile templates

  1. It saves time.
  2. It saves resources.
  3. No need to code.
  4. User-friendly user interface.
  5. It compatible with almost any mobile out there.
  6. Last but not least – it’s free.

Let’s see how to build a mobile template using WixMobile. Login to WixMobile then click “Go Mobile” you can find it on every page of WixMobile.

As I said there are three steps let’s start counting.

Choosing a Template

Once you click “Go Mobile” we can see a gallery of different mobile templates with various, by selecting one from gallery will finish our first step.

Choosing a free mobile website template

Customizing template

This is the place where you add or delete info about you mobile template. Builder will first ask the title for the mobile website and a category in which your mobile website fits in.

Customizing template free mobile website template using WixMobile

Now click next we’ll be taken to sub-page where you can add

  1. Buttons like call, email, facebook, twitter, text link, maps and direction.
  2. Adding pages, changing header and adding content too.

Customizing template free mobile website template using WixMobile

Final Touch – Publish

Customizing template free mobile website template using WixMobile

Once you click > publish your mobile template will be in the air.

It’s all over you have created your first mobile website template using WixMobile

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  1. SyedHasanMahmood says:

    Using such tools will make things more easy for us and saves lots of time

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