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No Influads for site owners

Recently I have asked a question to Mr.Anibal(founder and CEO of Influads), how to make Influads ad not to load while i am working on my pc on my own site. The reply was simple.

No influads for site owners

Add the following line to your host files    engine.influads.com

And it worked for me and ad didn’t load for pc. Now, I don’t have to worry about fake impressions while working on my pc.

Editing hosts files

  • Press windows button
  • Search for notepad
  • Right click on notepad
  • Select run as administrator
  • User account control prompt: say yes
  • Now press control + o or open from file menu
  • Go to C drive or OS installation directory
  • Windows » System32 » Drivers » Etc » hosts file
  • Now add the following line on the bottom of that file then save    engine.influads.com

Content of the file should look similar to this.

Hosts file screenshot with influads no tracking code

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