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We are Sorry Readers

Hi there, first words i would like to say is “Am Sorry”. Why? if you haven’t noticed, mobifreaks is down past 5 to 6 hours. The Reason is, Today when i reached home, i got a mail telling about wordpress 3.4 GREEN is out there.

I suddenly logged into my dashboard, then selected update.then my mom called me for lunch, all of sudden i closed by laptop had lunch started to office. After working an hour, i realized that i have our office wordpress sites too. Later i thought of mobifreaks, is it updated? Did i get any new features?

I logged into wordpress admin and i found an error, i was shocked.but i thought it is an comman error will fix it later (may be some plugin exceeded it limit).

When i visited mobifreaks home page. My face started changing color, now i remember what is my mistake.now i can’t do anything, as am in the office. I have to be patient untill clock hits 7.

Came home can’t find any clue how to fix. Started trying trail and error method, took a backup of config files. But can’t take a post backup as admin and site both are down.And replaced all wordpress files except content.

Now, installed wordpress again and checked my backup files folder found april’s backup xml.

After the Import, I found 3 post missing.Now i remember, there sql backup some where around my pc. After import my admin went down, but site is up with all post.

All a lot of struggle i got an idea of disabling and re-enabling each and every plugin one by one.

This all took around 5 to 6 hours. I will make sure this won’t happen again – Good Night

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