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No More Influads

no more influads

It’s about 2 months since the last mail, am still in a hope that Influads will pay me. But, now am tired I’ll no longer wait.

How It Started?

I used Influads support form and requested influads for ads on mobifreaks, the reply was really soon. Mr. Anibal Damiao [Founder and CEO Influads] asked for our stats record, he was happy to see continuously growing visitors and I got approved.

Everyday my ad was getting around 20 to 30 Clicks, I was shocked later understood because of the one and only ad lots of visitors are attracted towards it

We changed MobiFreaks whole design, based on his suggestions like floating ad etc,.. The other day we thought of fake impressions. While, using Adsense we were served ads for not logged in user only to avoid fake impressions. But, when it come to Influads I asked them directly what to do about it.

They said to add a host, inside host file in our work PC, we did that and it worked. The mail came other day was really embarrassing.

Anibal Damiao

Unfortunately we see that your site is suffering from a massive amount of click fraud. Consequently, we are asking you to immediately remove our ad from your site.

What guys its all of a sudden without intimation, yesterday was everything cool you guys haven’t spoke about these things before.


I didn’t get you. Can you elaborate

Anibal Damiao

Someone is clicking too many times on our ads in a fraudulent way. This is happening at an abusive rate and consequently we have to ask you to remove our ad. We can’t work with sites that have too much click fraud



It’s, ok I can understand no one needs a fake impression. What about my 35USD on my account, those are not fake right am really in need of that money. If you can send me the IP of fraud clicks we can take some action.

I even can’t access my account

Anibal Damiao

At the end of the month, Quality assurance is done through our algorithms and any undue amounts are discounted. The rest is paid. I am sorry if you’re not satisfied but that’s the only way we have to keep quality high and to make sure advertisers pay high rates.

Please note that this would be normally lawsuit kind of material and even if the numbers are relatively small we take as seriously.


Am happy to hear that, I’ll be paid remaining balance after this month. Can i know the IP addresses of fraudulent clicks

Thank you

Anibal Damiao

I am not able to get those IP’s to you, even if we have them registered on our DB.


That’s really disappointing, you are not giving me a chance to find out who did this to mobifreaks. we were really happy with influads. It’s like magic every day, we wrote 2 articles on it and promoted it with our twitter followers. And what I expect from influads is IP’s of those culprits.

Please it would be really helpful

Anibal Damiao

What can we do with IP’s?

My site has been blocked for some reason. And I would like to know the reason


At least I can tally them with some of my friends IP addresses. You know we already asked about how to avoid fake impressions. Please, if you can help us find those who did this fraud clicking please,

Anibal Damiao

If you add bsa faster than we can give you ips then we’re nit a good match.


Now, this is totally not cool they banned my site I put buysellads. Is it wrong? Either way mobifreaks won’t get influads again, then why should I keep my site without ads. Now, why he cares when he blocked me from Influads without even proper notification.


Please Anibal, i really need those dollars.I really don’t know what to do about fake clicks. I don’t have an answer there is a lot of completion for the keyword ‘free mobile website templates’ anyone can do anything, we can’t stop someone from clicking the ads same as we can’t make our ads clickable.

Please, understand. I know adding bsa to mf hurted your feeling. I added them because I have no other chance of making money. The new design was totally built to highlight influads banner. Once my publisher account was blocked I had no other choice.

Please, I need influads and don’t forget to replay am waiting please

Now am behaving like child, so poor boy :[

Anibal Damiao

Sorry, but we can’t pay for fraudy traffic, regardless of being your fault or not. This happened in the previous month as well and we gave it one go. Now it’s too late.

Wow, you gave one go without intimating me about fraud clicks on my site. If you are not willing to pay you should have told it in our previous conversations right.

That’s how mobifreaks with influads to no influads. It took me 2 month to post it mobifreaks. Hope you guys would leave some feedback.

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