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Free Mobile Website Template – Basic Markup Mobi

Today’s mobile template Basic Markup Mobi is for absolute beginners. It covers each and every html markup element except tables, because this is a mobile template. Everything is pretty basic from html to css.

Free Mobile Website Template: Basic Markup Mobi

Basic markup mobi support headings, paragraphs, unordered lists, ordered lists, definition lists, code view, pre, text formatting elements, hyperlinks, blockquote, form elements and images

Now about the license, by using this mobile website template you agree to link back to the source i.e. templates download page or mobifreaks.com

<a href="http://mobifreaks.com" title="Design By Mobifreaks.com">http://mobifreaks.com</a>

for more licensing info visit Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

Don’t want to link back. it’s ok for us, if you donate us $10 or More USD through our PayPal id advertise[-at-]mobifreaks.com

Free Mobile Website Template: Basic Markup Mobi

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  2. Bob says:

    QR doesn’t seem to work on this page  🙁

  3. Rivalclepto says:

    Would it be easy to add a small icon next to the contact button/link? I tried, but it placed the image above the link/button with a black background. If it is easy, I will be sure to contribute to your dev fund 🙂

    Thanks for your time, rad1964