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Are you a Workaholic, ask your self

Yesterday one of my colleague told me that i am a workaholic.i said, i am. Then went home and then i thought confirming it, so i started goggling. if found pretty good questions that proves me am a workaholic.

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Collection of web platform: browser technologies

Every webmaster should bookmark The Web platform: Browser technologies. it is a collection of Core platform, Graphics and typography, Media, Platform interaction, events, messaging, Storage and file-system interaction, Real-time communication, HTML bonus features, Performance optimization and analysis, Other core-platform bonus features, Security and privacy, Foundations and lots mor,…

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Responsive and SEO Friendly Data Tables

Responsive and SEO Friendly Data Tables

There was a time when we all used tables to design whole layout, later we started using div to style the layout.

It is because of search engine robot. As it divides the table into three parts like header, content and footer and only follows the data inside the content. That’s what I learned when I was using tables to create layouts.

Even though usage of tables is still a need to maintain data sheets, we have come up with simple table design. Which creates a table without using html elements like table, td, tr etc.